What is Yoga?

Yoga is a Science of Mind/Body synthesis. Combining breath and movement, yoga creates body awareness and strength whilst focussing the mind. Yoga therapy works with each individual to help them achieve optimal wellness 

  •     Develop greater peace and clarity
  •     Care for your physical body
  •     Experience rejuvenation, strength and vitality

Private sessions are arranged with qualified yoga therapists

What is Meditation?

To meditate is, above all else, to experience a focused mind. When the mind finds a point of focus, it can rest - settling into its natural awareness.

All of us experience a busy, chattering mind. But this is only one level of mind. Through focus, you can learn to turn your attention away from the chatter, and notice the deeper aspects of who you are. When the mind is in a constant state of flux, it will generate thoughts, habits and reactions that can lead you away from what you truly need and want.

 yoga therapist lyndsey benn

yoga therapist lyndsey benn