The jewel of Ayurveda is its recognition that every person is an individual, and every individual has their own path to optimal health. To understand your unique path, we need to understand your constitution or body type.

Knowing your constitution (dosha) will be of benefit all your life as you can adapt your yoga practice, diet and lifestyle choices to align with your dosha - leading to good health. There are many practical lifestyle choices that can be implemented once you understand your constitution. Go here for some general lifestyle tips

Please complete the following questionnaire by ticking the box that MOST OFTEN applies to you. Think about how you normally or typically are, even if your current state and wellness doesn’t reflect this. There is often a difference between our natural state, and current state of health. The dosha you tick most often will be your dominant type, with the other two forming 'sub-doshas'  that blend to form your total doshic profile. 

This information is used to determine your Ayurvedic constitution - allowing your practitioner to structure a diet/lifestyle approach that is unique to you.

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