Everywhere you look these days someone is promoting a detox. These range from intrusive colonic therapies through to raw food, juice and extreme dietary measures which can actually shock the body rather than support longterm change.

Ayurvedic Detox is a time-honoured process, proven over thousands of years. Rather than forcing the body into doing something it may not be inclined to do, Ayurvedic Detox is a gentle process of rejuvenation.

Through simple diet changes, the supervision of a qualified practitioner and incredibly nourishing body therapies, Ayurveda is a powerful yet safe way to remove toxins from the deepest levels.

What is more, each treatment is tailored specifically to you - to address your unique situation and needs.

No other approach combines massage, herbal therapy and dietary support like Ayurveda. We can confidently claim our therapies work based on the experience of hundreds of thousands of individuals who have benefited from all that Ayurveda has to offer.

Ayurveda is the Science of Life. It teaches balance through moderation and self-awareness. Everybody is unique, and every individual has a way to detox, cleanse and nourish that is right for them. Our range of detox treatments are specifically tailored to meet your needs, and integrate with the demands of a busy modern life.   


The jewel of Ayurveda, Panchakarma therapy involves a total rejuvenation and detoxification process that can restore health and wellbeing.  

Your Panchakarma experience starts with a consultation with our qualified physicians, then a tailored programme of elimination, massage, treatments and rejuvenation process designed specifically for you. Each Panchakarma process will be tailored to your needs depending on constitution and state of wellness. Ideal for chronic health issues, weight loss, hormonal imbalance, improved respiratory function, reproductive health or as a general tonic designed specifically for you.

Our total care package includes a take-home care kit with dietary advice, necessary ingredients for your detox, herbal remedies, plus a follow up consultation 2 weeks after completion. 

Optional extras include an additional astrology consultation, meditation session or personalized yoga programme as part of your commitment to ongoing good health.

  •  1.    Initial Consultation - (2 weeks prior) 
  •  2.   Preparation for cleanse with herbs / dietary support
  •  3.     Day 1: Abhyanga, Steam, Nasya or customised treatment, Oil enema.
  •  4.     Day 2: Abhyanga, Steam, Kati Basti and Herbal enema, 
  •  5.     Day 3: Marma massage, Steam, Shirodhara, Oil enema.
  •  Plus tea, meditation, dietary support and rejuvenation herbs
  • Anti-Anxiety, Immune-boosting, improves digestive function, regularity, sleep, mental focus
  • 1.     Initial Consultation - (4 weeks prior)
  • 2.   Preparation for cleanse with digestive herbs 
  • 3.     Consultation for detox. – Ghee and purgative herbs given
  • 4.     Day 1 - 5: Ghee intake
  • 6.     Day 6: Abhyanga (massage) and Steam,
  • 7.     Day 7: Abhyanga, Steam,
  • 8.     Day 8: Abhyanga, Steam,
  • 9.     Day 9: Purgation begins, Nasya or other customised treatment first, then massage, Steam, Shirodhara.
  • Plus tea, meditation, dietary support and rejuvenation herbs
  • Rejuvenation dietary advice included for Days 10-14 plus home-care kit